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Horoscopes by a Professional Astrologer - Annabel Burton is a recognised Professional Astrologer, who is available for personal consultation by her clients and by audio or telephone. Annabel Burton Astrology sells products online and Annabel writes Astrology articles for media, all using in depth Astrological techniques. Annabel writes the ever popular Sun Sign Horoscopes with the advice - 'You are More than a Sun Sign'.

Annabel Burton Astrology delivers products from the HoroscopeShop to countries across the world.

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'My Horoscopes are Syndicated in Europe, the USA and of course in the UK.
think that some of my neighbours still think I waste all day staring at crystal balls!'

some of what I really do, is below :

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What do I do

Many of my personal clients like to keep quiet in their first consultation.

Years of strange notions about Astrologers, Psychics, Tarot, the Starsall tend to mislead the public perception of what professional Astrologers actually do.

In reality I have a family, a very busy professional life and plenty of bills, does that sound familiar? >>

My work involves a lot of face to face Consultation, these Consultations are usually kept to an hour, though I have many clients who request more time.

Some very successful business people consult Astrologers, unfortunately they do not usualy admit that to anyone else for fear of ridicule, yet a very great deal of sound planning can be undertaken following a Consultation.

Every day I have worldwide orders for e-mail forecasts & reports which are processed by me personally and mailed out by my staff.

I am available to the elite members of Annabel Burton Astrology and I produce regular Horoscope information for them in up to the minute tecniques!

Maybe all you know about Astrology is your Sun Sign, and at one time this was all I knew! After many years of experiencing life, enjoying success and dealing with mistakes, my studies in astrology allowed me to see my life in the context of an astrological framework; now everything makes sense. You too can have that experience through any of my services :

For those far away from me, I have a number of e-mail, Audio and mailed Astrology products in my HoroscopeShop.

If you are used to reading a simple text nicknamed a Horoscope, then a proper Consultation is a revelation, as it is about you alone and not one twelth of the population and gives you the opportunity to ask me questions and together we can put you on the right track to achive what you want and know how to do that.

An Astrologer is your guide & Aide, through the Astrological Weather, I truly believe and want to help you see that - You Create Your Own Future.

My Astrology

Astrology is as much about people and events as it is about the stars and planets. It is the study of who we are, and , as 'character is fate' what we manifest in our lives within our relationships, work, families etc.

There is still a perception that we are all victims of fate and that we have to suffer the life that we find ourselves in. As such, astrology for many people is about prediction, and our fate which is caste in stone.

Actually, this is not the case as we are all born with free will, and have responsibilities for our own lives. Yes, fate plays a part, but it is how we respond to the events that fate deals us which determines how we progress in our lives. You will have heard the expression , 'is your cup half full or half empty?' and of course it depends how you perceive it.

Luck is something you make for your self through your attitude to life and your spirit.

Life is a mixture of successes and triumphs, sadness and loss and astrology is a tool for guiding you through it. A word of advice: if you would like to consult an astrologer, please make sure you choose a professional or one who has been personally recommended to you.

Whether you 'believe' in my work or not, your life and your character can be seen in the patterns created by the cycles of the planets and their positions at the time of your birth.

No one yet knows exactly how this is so, but thousands of years of astrology has shown that it is. How many of us understand the workings of a light bulb, and yet no one can deny that it gives us light in the darkness. This subject does the same.

There are many different techniques that can be used to understand an individual's birth chart, and this is purely down to the preference of the astrologer. Personally, I like to keep things simple.

Even on a simple level, there are many components to be looked at: what planets are where, what other planets are they aspected to, what is the balance of the elements, which houses have the most planets, the shape of the chart etc etc.

Sounds complex! I take note of all these and then synthesize the chart, or in other words put it all together into a coherent whole which makes sense to you and to your life.

At certain times, current transiting planets will have an impact, so this brings the essential elements of your chart to life and your experience. It is sometimes as these times, that people will seek out an astrologer to try and make some sense of what is going on and how to go forward.

So, to sum up, your birth chart shows what is happening on an inner level (your character) and what has been, is currently, and will be on an outer level. 'As above, so below and as within, so without'.


Although you may not be familiar with astrology, you are very likely to know your Sun Sign.

Horoscopes are written for the twelve sun signs and for the skeptic's, this is where astrology seems to be too general and the question is asked "How can a twelfth of the population all be going through the same thing at the same time?"

The Sun is the brightest and most essential component in our solar system. Without it we wouldn't be here. As such, it has become a symbol of your essential life force and energy, expressed through the particular sign in the zodiac it appeared to occupy on your birthday.

0Astrology0is a symbolic language and although the astronomy shows that the earth orbits the sun, our perception here on earth is that all the planets orbit around us.

The horoscope is therefore based on that solar energy and the generality is because all the other planets and their positions are not considered. It is essential to understand this as those characteristics of the sun signs do not include the energies of your Moon, Mercury etc.

Horoscopes are the starting point of a deeper understanding of your personality and life, and for most astrologers, this was the beginning of a long journey of discovery that is there for everyone with the growing knowledge of astrology.

The information in the following links ONLY APPLY IN FULL TO TYPICAL SUN SIGNS, the full flavour of an individual is determined by judging the effect and interaction of all the Solar system bodies in an individuals chart.










Most of my work is about meeting people face to face, for a consultation. The beauty of this is that you get a chance to ask questions, explore issues of importance to you, and to focus on areas of your chart that are particularly relevant to you.

Astrology works on many different levels and the symbolism of the signs, planets and houses and their interaction in your life can be enlightening and empowering. My work also involves consulting for businesses.

With the huge interest in astrology and its implications as a marketing tool, there is an increased potential for understanding planning, event timing, customers, individuals and teams through astrological consultancy.

Recently, a company asked me to relate their different products to sun signs, in order to target particular groups of people. This is an exciting way forward in the world of commerce, as companies are beginning to recognise the potential.

Many companies use psychometric testing in order to evaluate the potential of employees, and astrology is now becoming more accepted as a method in this area too.


Charity events, dinners, corporate entertaining are all areas where I have been able to add an extra exciting component.

In the last few months, I have had the pleasure of attending various fund-raising events to give short readings using my laptop computer.

This is a great way of raising money and also gives people the chance to have a taste of astrology without committing to a full consultation and many people return for a fuller consultation at a later date.

In this respect, the emphasis is on entertainment and in no way detracts from the more serious side of counselling with astrology, which is done in the privacy of my home.


Many people have said to me that I should write a book, and maybe that time will come.

At the moment, I write for a number of publications, including Prediction in the UK and the Mountain Astrologer in the USA, plus other astrology writings from time to time.

A very great deal of what I do is "writing" including the Horoscopes that are my daily work.

Live Media

In order to educate people on the use of real 21st century Astrology, I am making a number of appearences on radio and TV during this year. I think the time has come for Astrology to be seen as something separate to "Psychics" and to regain its real use as practiced by countless people not to mention kings over many centuries worldwide.

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