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Astrology Houses -
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The components of a natal chart are the planets, the signs of the zodiac, the aspects (connections to planets) and the Houses. There are twelve divisions or sections of the circular chart wheel and each one is associated with a sign and one or several planets.

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astrology houses

These sections describe the area of life where planetary energies manifest e.g. many planets in the Ninth House may indicate a person who has strong associations with travel, foreign cultures and perhaps spiritual matters and higher education, or even legal connections.

There are many meanings for each house as there are for the planets and zodiac signs, but there is theme running through each one which distinguishes it from another.This gives you an idea of the complexity of astrology!

This week I will give an overview of the twelve Houses; you will know the sign that your sun was in when you were born, and the following will give you further clues to the area of you life where you are likely to shine and express yourself to the best of your ability.

Aries - First House- to be
Individuality, being your own boss, running the show, team leader, 'I'm in charge'. The need to be seen changing the world (a few politicians have the Sun in this sign). How you look, physical appearance, interface with the world out there, the first cry of the newborn baby "Here I am!".

Taurus - Second House - to have
Material possessions, money, finance, where you are valued by society, your talents and abilities to earn money to provide material security, connectedness to the earth through gardening, practical art and food.

Gemini - Third House - to communicate
All forms of communication, talking, reading, writing, teaching; self-expression through language. Connecting and networking; the World Wide Web is a perfect example of Gemini, Third House energy.

Cancer - Fourth House - to belong
Your cultural roots and heritage, family and the home, base camp. This area is concerned with the domestic side of life; the nurturing and caring of the family in order to provide solid foundations for it to grow healthy and strong, sometimes extended to you town, country, the roots of patriotism.

Leo - Fifth House - to create
This is the House of Fun where we play, create (noise, havoc, art, and music) and express ourselves like the big kids that we are. Sociable and interactive, and also the area where we take risks and play games of chance, gamble and let off steam.

Virgo - Sixth House - to serve
Here we grow up a bit and recognise our responsibilities; we need to give something back to the community through our efforts and our abilities to look after people who need us (sometimes we get paid for it!). We can develop our organisational skills and plan our next twenty-four hours.

Libra - Seventh House - to relate
This area of the chart corresponds to all one to one relationships, partnerships and business partnerships, and open enemies. In what way do we attract and find ourselves mirrored in others? Where does "I" become "We"?

Scorpio - Eighth House - to transform
A complex house with the hidden depths of Pluto, as its ruler. This is the area concerned with the natural cycles of birth, death, and rebirth or transformation. In our lives it is concerned with the crises we encounter through death and money, and our debt to society. Sexuality, as an intimate expression of who we are and transcend everyday reality.

Sagittarius - Ninth House - to explore
Life teaches us many things and our experience shapes our reality. Here we develop our own truths and ideas and formulate our ethics and beliefs. It is the House of spiritual growth and also the spirit of the law (not the letter of the law, which is Mercury's domain). We explore mentally through higher education, and physically through long distance travel forever searching for more experience and understanding.

Capricorn - Tenth House - to achieve
This is where we are judged by society and recognised for our outward achievements. A powerhouse in the outside world and the expression of our chosen profession. We achieve status and success through our interaction with the world, which gives us honour and respect.

Aquarius - Eleventh House - to innovate
Through working within groups of like-minded individuals, we can change the world and recognise our global village. We can cut through boundaries and borders and reach out in friendship to people on the other side of the world. We see that society changes all the time, and we aim to improve our connectedness with others, sometimes through modern technology, like the Internet.

Pisces - Twelfth House - to reintegrate
Here we come full circle back to the beginning. We now have a sense of who we are and what we may become, but we can never escape our deepest selves. A private area of the chart where we can explore our thoughts and dreams through images and pictures. A place where we can begin to understand our actions and motives through self-reflection and return to a sea of consciousness.



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