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What is meant by the Astrological Houses ?

The basic main components of a birth chart are the planets, signs and houses. The planets each have meaning as does the sign the Sun was in at the time of your birth, (your Sun Sign). The twelve divisions of the Birth Chart, (or horoscope) are called the Astrological Houses and indicate the areas of life where the planetary energies become manifest.

The Houses carry a theme based on the signs that are part of the natural order of the Zodiac i.e. Aries equates with the First House, Taurus the Second, Gemini the Third, Cancer the Fourth, Leo the Fifth, Virgo the Sixth, Libra the Seventh, Scorpio the Eighth, Sagittarius the Ninth, Capricorn the Tenth, Aquarius the Eleventh, and Pisces the Twelfth.

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The beauty of astrology is in the simplicity and connectedness of the systems it uses, which are multi-levelled but carry universal themes which translate to our life's experiences as individuals. There are many different house systems that can be used, but the house position all depend on an accurate time of birth. This is why the time of birth is important as it sets the chart within a twenty four hour period. Without a time of birth, an astrologer can only work with planets in signs, but not know where in the life these exist. Here is a simple description of each of the House meanings:

First House
This is the House where we meet the world and is known also as the rising sign. It can describe our physical appearance or image and planets in this house are used to communicate something about the individuality of the person. For example, Mercury here would indicate that a person needs to communicate through speech and writing to express their individuality. There is an impulsive quality here, where we just are and are immediately recognised by the sign qualities expressed.

Second House
The Second House is concerned with what we have in terms of material possessions and also our ability to use our special skills and talents to bring our possessions to us. It is the House of sustenance and what we must do to maintain our physical well being. It can also indicate our self esteem and the value we place not only on material things but also ourselves. Are we worth it?

Third House
This House is associate with Gemini and is the area in our lives where we communicate and disseminate information. It is also associated with short journeys and our local environment and siblings. It describes our early education, our schooling and is essentially a social house as it is where we begin to mee the world in social terms.

Fourth House
In my experience this house can be the house of Karma. It is associated with family, culture and traditions handed down through generations and as such can refer to past lives and those who we associate with in this life in order to help us work through our soul's purpose. The family teaches values and behavious which may or may not be appropriate as we grow up and leave the nest. A person with a strong planetary presence here may need to continue the role of perpetuating strong roots in a family situation.

Fifth House
This house is where we experiment with our social skills through interacting with friends and lovers. We learn about ourselves through others' reaction too our behaviour. Here we are encouraged to express our individuality and creativity and learn not to lose our spontaneity and our need for play. So this house also shows hobbies and pastimes and also the results of the most creative act, our children.

Sixth House
This House is associated with work and service to the community. It indicates how we can be part of society and give our skills to it in order society to benefit, not just ourselves. It is also the house associated with health and healing and our ability to maintain our physical systems as a cohesive whole. The work place becomes a macrocosm to our body's microcosm and we need to be aware of each part making a contribution to the wellbeing of the whole.

Seventh House
T his is the house of partnerships and commitment to others through marriage or long term relationships. It is opposite the First House and balances the needs of us as individuals with those we relate to on a permanent basis. We learn compromise and respect for others' individuality which can sometimes take several attempts to achieve! It is also traditionally the house of open enemies, and business partnerships.

Eighth House
This is the House of Scorpio and reminds us that there is one certainty in ife and that is death. It is the house of transformation, endings and beginnings and the ability to regenerate through sex. It is also associated with money and inheritance, and also the partner's money and finances. Our dues to society are shown in this house, through taxation and living by society's laws or dealing with the consequences.

Ninth House
The Ninth House is associated with religion, philosophies and belief systems, as well as higher education as opposed to school education in the Third House. It is where we formulate our code for living, either through our own learning and experience or we can adopt our culture's standards. Of course, this varies according to the different religons around the world and this house recognises the importance of different cultures and overseas travel. The key word is 'expansion'.

Tenth House
This is house is at the top of the chart and consequently refers to our highest ambition, usually seen through our career, which is how we are recognised and categorised by society. It represents the culmination of work and experience to achieve the goals we set ourselves and the authority other people invest in us as a result of all our hard work and achievement. An emphasised tenth house usually indicates a person who reaches the top and is acknowleged for that.

Eleventh House
This is concerned with our special friends and groups of people (not family) with whom we feel a common bond or association. There is a recognition that other people share our ideals and goals for the common good, perhaps through political endeavour or charities. It is where we can create the sort of society we want and not be afraid of change or challenge to tradition.

Twelfth House
This house has been much maligned in the past as its concerns are more to do with our inner world rather than outer achievements. However it can be the House of excellence as it is where we can recognise our true inner selves and act according to our greatest puspose. It may give us cause for doubt and demand that we question who we are, but that is its greatest strength. When we withdraw from the world and find a place of peace and solitude then we are in a position to commune with our higher selves, and planets in the Twelfth show a need for self reflection. Tradtionally it was considered the house of seclusion in hospitals, prisons etc..and the domain of secret enemies, but we are all capable of being our own worst enemy by failing to nurture our needs. It is the house where we return after the maelstrom of interacting with the busy world and can be the source of great inner strength and tranquility.



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