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the Earthy Capricorn Character

December 22 to January 21

Capricorn THE GOAT is the sign of the achiever
If Capricorns manage to conquer their natural reserve and shyness they can make terrific partners. Although they are cautious and introverted, they can be very faithful once in a relationship. They really need a partner who will support them emotionally, while giving them a much needed boost in confidence.

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The bright side
One of Capricorns best assets is its sense of humour, this is often needed in their efforts to impose some kind of order on the world around them, (though not necessarily an order to everyone else's liking). Although the humour is dry, it does at least involve contact with others, something that the self contained
Capricorn does not excel at. What capricorn is very good at are those tasks that other signs, (except the other earth signs), find rather tedious. Capricorn is prudent, reliable and disciplined.

Reliable, determined, ambitious, careful, prudent, disciplined, hard working, persevering.

Your Element is earth

This is Your Sign

natural reserve and shyness, can make terrific partners

Annabel Burton * Astrologer


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The dark side
Capricorns can be extremely rigid and pessimistic in their outlook, being gloomy, depressed and depressing in their interactions with others. They can also be emotionally cold and inhibited. The prudent and cautious side of their nature can be taken to extremes resulting in the unsociable realm of the miser.
Capricorn needs to be in control to such an extent that they are often authoritarian. They distrust anything spontaneous which may deflect them from the task of changing the world to suit their own needs.

Rigid, harsh, ruthless, cold, over exacting, pessimistic, way too conventional, miserly, a wet blanket to enthusiasm.

Arthritis, rheumatism, skin complaints, knee injuries, bone diseases, depression, eczema.

Beneficial foods
Cabbage and kale.

You are most compatible with
Cancer - a good match.
Capricorn - long lasting.
Scorpio - very strong.
Aquarius - ok if you can converse with the alien.

Absolutely no chance!
Libra - sorry, not a winner!
Gemini - such hard work.
Sagittarius - unsuitable.
Leo - very different.
Aries - likely to argue.

Your opposite sign
is Cancer

Someone you know?
Dick Whittington,
Mao Tse Tung,
Isaac Newton,
Richard Nixon,
David Bowie,
Kate Moss,
Isaac Asimov,
Muhammed Ali,
Marilyn Manson,
George Burns (verging on Aquarius),
Humphrey Bogart,
Nat "King" Cole,
Al Capone,
Marlene Dietrich,
John Denver,
Benjamine Franklin,
David Lloyd George,
Ava Gardner,
Cary Grant,
Howard Hughes,
J. Edgar Hoover,
Joan of Arc,
Rudyard Kipling,
Martin Luther King,
Aristotle Onassis,
Elvis Presley,
Joseph Stalin,
Anwar Sadat,
Albert Schweitzer,
Darth Vader,
Woodrow Wilson,
Kate Moss.

Someplace you know?
New Mexico

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The position of the Sun in the Zodiac wheel determines your "Sun Sign", (often incorrectly referred to as the "Star Sign") of an individual. It is this position that determines whether you need look under "Aries" or "Pisces" etc. in your newspapers "Horoscopes."

A Horoscope, or Birth Chart is a drawing that is a representation of the moment of your birth, or the moment of a specific event.

The chart shows the positions of all the planets in our Solar System (including the Sun and the Moon) and their relative position within the Zodiac wheel.
The Horoscope can reveal our characters, our strengths and weaknesses, our potential, and our future direction, it can be used as a "weather forecast" to time and coordinate your actions in the future but it never foretells a future that you can not decide for yourself.


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