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First, please understand the nature of Sun Signs, i.e. you are more than just a Sun Sign it takes 8 planets and the Moon PLUS the Sun to make the ingredients for you. Please read my Sun Signs page for more information.
Secondly, Astrological Compatibility between people is not just for Lovers, it can also be used to see how friends, team members and companies relate to each other!

True compatibility between two people or a group CAN ONLY be fully worked out by cross -relating the Horoscopes (Birth Charts) of both people involved.
Having accepted the above, you can get a reasonable rough measure of compatibility by comparing the Sun Signs (Star Signs) of the people involved be they lovers, friends or members of a greater team.
Below I will give you a rough idea of how various Sun Signs relate to each other.

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Each Sun Sign will if typical of that Sign be very compatible with some other typical Sun Signs and reasonably happy with yet others.

Then there will be the ones where the problems start! These can include people who for various Astrological reasons you are very drawn to, perhaps fantastic sexual chemistry and the original fatal attraction.

Remember, we are talking Sun Signs here! in no way are we talking about ALL the planets in your Birth Chart and the exact personal inter relations that make up the chemistry between two people, for this an Astrologer has to compare the 2 Birth Charts as aspects formed by other planets may well ruin a good Sun Sign match or enhance it.

Occasionally I have received e-mail from people who disagree with this list. Remember this is a rough guide to SUN SIGNS compatibility, not an absolute comparison between individuals ... read the paragraph above again!

A real comparison can ONLY be made by looking at the individual charts involved, and I charge for that!

Who you are compatible with, and who you are not ought to be self explanatory.
Your Opposite Sign is literally opposite you in the Zodiac chart. They are someone who is in equal amounts similar and opposite your character.
You can learn a lot from your Opposite Sign and they can learn a lot from you!

Relationships with any one of the same element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) will be a lot easier than with someone of a different element group, so if you are an Air element, (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini), you will automatically have an ease on communication and a high degree of attraction.

Some elements as a general rule can work OK together, Fire and Earth, or Air and Water. But others will have problems, Fire turns Water to steam, Water puts out Fire, Fire bakes Earth, Earth smothers Fire, Air feeds Fire, but Fire consumes Air, Water floods Earth, Earth dams Water, while Air and Earth are rather neutral to one another.


Relations between any 2 Sun Signs

Find Out How Well Suited you are to Another
Using the exact Personal Birth Chart of both

Aries is a fire element

You are most compatible with
Sun Sign Scorpio - oh yes, very ardent.
Sagittarius - wonderfully romantic.
Libra - unstoppable.
Aries - fiery, if you like it that way!.

Absolutely no chance!
Aries - fiery.
Leo - intense.
Cancer - many differences.
Pisces - difficult.
Virgo - poles apart.

Your opposite sign
is Libra


Taurus is an earth element

You are most compatible with
Leo - extremely loving.
Taurus - well suited.
Capricorn - terrific.
Pisces - charming.

Absolutely no chance!
Gemini - not a success.
Sagittarius - very rocky.
Aquarius - too stubborn.

Your opposite sign
is Scorpio


Gemini is an air element

You are most compatible with
Libra - absolutely wonderful.
Leo - full of laughter.
Aquarius - good friends first, (and much more in this Gemini's case!).
Sagittarius - Could be fun loving.
Aries - promising, though lightweight.

Absolutely no chance!
Cancer - steer clear!
Capricorn - don't see eye to eye.
Taurus - a difficult combination.
Pisces - traumatic!
Scorpio - volatile!

Your opposite sign
is Sagittarius


Cancer is a water element

You are most compatible with
Cancer - a dreamy affair.
Taurus - a cosy atmosphere.
Virgo - stimulating company.
Scorpio - paradise with sparks!

Absolutely no chance!
Pisces - highly charged.
Sagittarius - troublesome.
Scorpio - sparks!
Libra - heavy going.
Gemini - at odds.
Aries - a poor match.

Your opposite sign
is Capricorn


Leo is a fire element

You are most compatible with
Gemini - full of laughter.
Aries - memorable.
Cancer - loving.
Libra - great fun.
Capricorn - it will be short, but sweet.

Absolutely no chance!
Scorpio - a clash of the big egos.
Virgo - a difficult match.
Leo - a battle of the wills.
Aquarius - difficult but entertaining!

Your opposite sign
is Aquarius


Virgo is an earth element

You are most compatible with
Pisces - oh, heavenly.
Scorpio - truly passionate.
Taurus - steady and enjoyable.
Capricorn - in tune.

Absolutely no chance!
Aries - just poles apart.
Libra - hard going.
Cancer - constant problems.
Aquarius - troubled waters.
Virgo - boredom in detail!

Your opposite sign
is Pisces


Libra is an air element

You are most compatible with
Aquarius - a marvelous match.
Gemini - sublime.
Aries - opposites attract.
Scorpio - emotionally rewarding.
Taurus - very sensual.

Absolutely no chance!
Capricorn - don't bet on this one.
Cancer - very hard work.
Virgo - discordant.
Libra - indecisive, no decisive, whatever!
Sagittarius - too flighty.

Your opposite sign
is Aries


Scorpio is a water element

You are most compatible with
Pisces - absolutely superb,
Taurus - a rewarding relationship,
Aries - long lasting,
Cancer - paradise,
Libra - heady stuff,
Leo - a powerful attraction.

Absolutely no chance!
Scorpio - nuclear explosion,
Gemini - volatile,
Sagittarius - can be strained,
Aquarius - up and then down.

Your opposite sign
is Taurus


Sagittarius is a fire element

You are most compatible with
Aries - so wonderfully romantic.
Leo - very passionate.
Libra - such enjoyment.
Sagittarius - so much excitement you can hardly stay still.

Absolutely no chance!
Capricorn - conflicts galore.
Cancer - very distant.
Aquarius - very heated.
Scorpio - chalk and cheese.
Gemini - hot then cold.
Pisces - difficult.

Your opposite sign
is Gemini


Capricorn is an earth element

You are most compatible with
Cancer - a good match.
Capricorn - long lasting.
Scorpio - very strong.
Aquarius - ok if you can converse with the alien.

Absolutely no chance!
Libra - sorry, not a winner!
Gemini - such hard work.
Sagittarius - unsuitable.
Leo - very different.
Aries - likely to argue.

Your opposite sign
is Cancer


Aquarius is an air element

You are most compatible with
Libra - superlative.
Aquarius - truly out of this world.
Gemini - best friends first, everything else follows.
Aries - intriguingly lively.
Leo - entertaining, at opposite ends of the rope.

Absolutely no chance!
Scorpio - conflict turns to war.
Taurus - the unstoppable force meets the immovable object.
Virgo - little harmony, too much constriction.
Cancer - hurtful.
Capricorn - sticky, unless you speak earth sign.

Your opposite sign
is Leo


Pisces is a water element

You are most compatible with
Pisces - totally bliss,
Libra - a fairy tale romance,
Taurus - an excellent match,
Leo - a romantic couple,
Scorpio - such fun and so tantalising.

Absolutely no chance!
Sagittarius - so many problems,
Aquarius - do take care,
Gemini - really needs insight,
Aries - you will need total dedication here.

Your opposite sign
is Virgo


Are You Made for Each Other? Find Out

the 12 Sun Signs

Are You Made for Each Other? Find Out
Using the exact Personal Birth Chart of both

or more correctly, what the Sun in each Zodiac sign represents


Sun in Aries
the Aries glyph
Click - All about Sun in Aries
Initiative, activity, enterprise.
Mar 20 to Apr 21


Sun in Taurus
the Taurus glyph
Click - All about Sun in Taurus
Possessions, determination.
APR 21 to May 22


Sun in Gemini
the Gemini glyph
Click - All about Sun in Gemini
Mentality, versatility.
May 22 to Jun 22


Sun in Cancer
the Cancer glyph
Click - All about Sun in Cancer
Domesticity, sensitivity.
Jun 22 to Jul 23


Sun in Leo
the Leo glyph
Click - All about Sun in Leo
Vitality, authority.
Jul 23 to Aug 24


Sun in Virgo
the Virgo glyph
Click - All about Sun in Virgo
Analytical, practicality.
Aug 24 to Sep 23


Sun in Libra
the Libra glyph
Click - All about Sun in Libra
Harmony, balance.
Sep 23 to Oct 23


Sun in Scorpio
the Scorpio glyph
Click - All about Sun in Scorpio
Secrecy, regeneration.
Oct 23 to Nov 23


Sun in Sagittarius
the Sagittarius glyph
Click - All about Sun in Sagittarius
Freedom-loving, exploration.
Nov 23 to Dec 22


Sun in Capricorn
the Capricorn glyph
Click - All about Sun in Capricorn
Conservatism, ambition.
DEC 22 to Jan 21


Sun in Aquarius
the Aquarius glyph
Click - All about Sun in Aquarius
Originality, humanitarianism.
Jan 21 to Feb 19


Sun in Pisces
the Pisces glyph
Click - All about Sun in Pisces
Compassion, imagination, sacrifice.
Feb 19 to Mar 20


Sun Sign
Compatibility Patterns

If one of you is the Sun Sign in the left column and the other person is the Sun Sign in the middle column of the same row, then you can see from the text within the right column a reasonable idea of how you will get along.

Remember, these two people do not have to be male and femail, they do not have to be lovers even. It is just an insight into how two people get along and is equally applicable to friends, workers, and teams. If you new what the Sun Sign of two companies or events were, you could start to draw conclusions from that relationship "horoscope" too!

Aries Aries Conjunct Sun Sign Pattern
Your association with these people born under your own Sun Sign, you will be tempted to magnify your own virtues and failings.
All the positive personality and character traits in both of you will increase in their intensity, as will the negative traits.
A constant effort should be made to encourage in one another the good qualities of the Sun Sign you both share, and to discourage and be tolerant of the bad qualities of the Sun Sign you both share.
Taurus Taurus
Gemini Gemini
Cancer Cancer
Leo Leo
Virgo Virgo
Libra Libra
Scorpio Scorpio
Sagittarius Sagittarius
Capricorn Capricorn
Aquarius Aquarius
Pisces Pisces


Sun Sign Pattern
Aries Taurus Aries has lessons to learn from Taurus, Taurus is tolerant of Aries shortcomings and different outlook.
Taurus Gemini Taurus has lessons to learn from Gemini, Gemini is tolerant of Taurus shortcomings and different outlook.
Gemini Cancer Gemini has lessons to learn from Cancer, Cancer is tolerant of Gemini shortcomings and different outlook.
Cancer Leo Cancer has lessons to learn from Leo, Leo is tolerant of Cancer shortcomings and different outlook.
Leo Virgo Leo has lessons to learn from Virgo, Virgo is tolerant of Leo shortcomings and different outlook.
Virgo Libra Virgo has lessons to learn from Libra, Libra is tolerant of Virgo shortcomings and different outlook.
Libra Scorpio Libra has lessons to learn from Scorpio, Scorpio is tolerant of Libra shortcomings and different outlook.
Scorpio Sagittarius Scorpio has lessons to learn from Sagittarius, Sagittarius is tolerant of Scorpio shortcomings and different outlook.
Sagittarius Capricorn Sagittarius has lessons to learn from Capricorn, Capricorn is tolerant of Sagittarius shortcomings and different outlook.
Capricorn Aquarius Capricorn has lessons to learn from Aquarius, Aquarius is tolerant of Capricorn shortcomings and different outlook.
Aquarius Pisces Aquarius has lessons to learn from Pisces, Pisces is tolerant of Aquarius shortcomings and different outlook.
Pisces Aries Pisces has lessons to learn from Aries, Aries is tolerant of Pisces shortcomings and different outlook.


Aries Gemini & Aquarius

Sextile Sun Sign Pattern
You will feel a strong tie of friendship,whatever the association you share with these individuals. There will be mutual trust, and much ease of communication,back and forth.
You are very different: yet these differences have little or no effect on your regard for each other.

There could be a sense of responsibility,some sort of inescapable duty that brings you together,and strengthens the bond between you.
You will find these individuals easy to talk with,and you will constantly stimulate each other in to changing habits and existing situations
You will probably form very close friendships with these people, and remain friendly always.

Any quarrels will usually be quickly resolved, forgiven and forgotten. You may bicker and disagree frequently, and be annoyed by some mutual obligation that ties you together , yet be unable to avoid it; and even when the association seems to be a closed chapter, it will reappear months or years later, to be resumed.

Taurus Cancer & Pisces

Aries & Leo

Taurus & Virgo
Leo Gemini & Libra
Virgo Cancer & Scorpio
Libra Leo & Sagittarius
Scorpio Virgo & Capricorn
Sagittarius Libra & Aquarius
Capricorn Scorpio & Pisces
Aquarius Aries & Sagittarius
Pisces Taurus & Capricorn


Aries Cancer & Capricorn

Square Sun Sign Pattern
Not always, but surprisingly often you will feel a noticeable tension or conflict of personality in the presence of those born under the sun signs here listed opposite your own.
You will either disapprove of them, or sense that they disapprove of you in some way.
One person may grow restless because of the strict disciplinary attempts of the other.
There will always be some degree of mental and emotional restriction, for various reasons.
Taurus Leo & Aquarius
Gemini Virgo & Pisces
Cancer Libra & Aries
Leo Taurus & Scorpio
Virgo Gemini & Sagittarius
Libra Cancer & Capricorn
Scorpio Leo & Aquarius
Sagittarius Virgo & Pisces
Capricorn Aries & Libra
Aquarius Taurus & Scorpio
Pisces Gemini & Sagittarius


Aries Leo & Sagittarius

Trine Sun Sign Pattern
Not always, but surprisingly often, you will find easy empathy, mental stimulation, emotional affinity or romantic fulfillment with these people.
There will be strong sympathy between you, and misunderstandings will usually not be severe or lasting.
The chances for harmony are excellent, and a happy relationship on a permanent basis is more effortlessly achieved than with any other sun sign combination.
Taurus Virgo & Capricorn
Gemini Libra & Aquarius
Cancer Scorpio & Pisces
Leo Aries & Sagittarius
Virgo Taurus & Capricorn
Libra Gemini & Aquarius
Scorpio Cancer & Pisces
Sagittarius Aries & Leo
Capricorn Taurus & Virgo
Aquarius Gemini & Libra
Pisces Cancer & Scorpio


Aries Virgo & Scorpio

Quincunx Sun Sign Pattern
You will have some problem communicating with these individuals.
Yet you will be oddly intrigued by the puzzling charisma and powerfully drawn into the spell.
If the tie between you is a love relationship, you will feel an irresistible sexual attraction toward the individual. If the relationship is one of friendship, or a business or family association, then you will be drawn together through some shared interest in the supernatural, death, birth, reincarnation, adoption and all spiritual matters, or situations involving money which belongs to neither of you.
There may be times when this person seems unnecessarily secretive in your association. In some way these individuals will have a desire to help you, and you an urge to help them.
One will protect the other. There may be times when the favours extended are resented, yet there will be no choice in the matter.
In some way a great benefit will come from to the other through the relationship, and the one who serves will usually remain loyal.
Taurus Libra & Sagittarius
Gemini Scorpio & Capricorn
Cancer Sagittarius & Aquarius
Leo Capricorn & Pisces
Virgo Aries & Aquarius
Libra Taurus & Pisces
Scorpio Aries & Gemini
Sagittarius Taurus & Cancer
Capricorn Gemini & Leo
Aquarius Cancer & Virgo
Pisces Leo & Libra


Aries Libra
Opposition Sun Sign Pattern
Not always but frequently, you will be either physically attracted to or secretly admire and respect those of the opposite sex born under the sun sign here listed opposite your own.
These individuals possess the qualities of character and personality traits you lack.
The attraction and the urge to imitate will be strong. However you may feel uneasy, envious of, or strongly competitive with those individuals of your own sex under the sun sign here listed opposite your own.
Taurus Scorpio
Gemini Sagittarius
Cancer Capricorn
Leo Aquarius
Virgo Pisces
Libra Aries
Scorpio Taurus
Sagittarius Gemini
Capricorn Cancer
Aquarius Leo
Pisces Virgo


Are You Made for Each Other? Find Out



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